The Value in Indoor Water Feature

Indoor water features have been in homes, or rather castles, for hundreds of years. However, it’s really been the last ten or so years that such features have become common in homes and offices. Running water, other than a toilet or sink, produces soothing, calming, musical sounds. Fountains can also be the focal point of any room.

The most common types of indoor water features are the various kinds and styles of fountains available on the market today. These fountains can broadly be described as tabletop, wall, and floor fountains. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, although there is little negativity in installing an indoor water feature. Fountains are made of several types of materials, ranging from natural wood to manmade steel.

Use of Indoor Water Features

Indoor water features can be used in any part of a home, office, or business. Of course if your home is decorated according to the principles of Feng Shui, there are some optimal places for water to be located. However, as far as the indoor water features, you are only limited by your creativity and their need for a power source.

Fountains generally run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is best for the fountain; during any long periods of non-use the fountains should be drained. In addition, fountains with frequent use should be cleaned on a regular basis, including the pump. Fountains are great places for algae growth, and often suffer from such. This can be minimized with the use of distilled water, as can most other issues surrounding fountains. It’s also important to keep water at the proper level.

Purchasing a Fountain

Prices for indoor water features vary considerably. A small tabletop fountain can be priced at less than $30.00 while a large floor fountain can be several thousand dollars. Knowing your budget before you being shopping is the ideal path to take. Research is the most important tool you can have for being pleased with your indoor water features. You should know what it actually entails to have a water fountain.

The easiest place to shop and purchase is online. Large fountains are generally shipped with a large carrier, while small fountains can be shipped easily in only a few days. Knowing your budget before you shop will help you stay within that spending amount. It’s also a good idea to know exactly where any indoor water features will be placed prior to purchase.