The Top Three Reasons to Get a Tabletop Water Fountain

You might think that the only reason to put a fountain in your home or office is to add a beautiful object, or make a gentle, soothing sound. But there are more benefits to a fountain than that. We live in a state of constant distress and tension. Our work environments are cluttered with noise and polluted with dust and fumes. But they don’t have to be this way! A tabletop water fountain can help improve your life in a lot of different ways.

Reason 1: Air Quality

Living in an urban environment means that we constantly breathe tainted air. Cars issue forth fumes, feet kick up dust, and we are surrounded by artificial paints and plastics that seep fumes and odors. You can combat this by installing a tabletop water fountain. Flowing water produces negative ions, which capture the positive ions carried by these pollutants and purify the air around you. As a result, the air around you will feel fresher and cleaner, and since your body doesn’t need to fight off aerial toxins constantly, you’ll feel energized and refreshed.

Reason 2: Stress Relief

People need water. We are naturally drawn to it. Think of all the great cities you care to name. How many are on the sea, or on a river? That’s right. Almost all of them. New York, Paris, London, Cairo, Tokyo…the list goes on. Having a water feature such as a tabletop water fountain can fill that innate need that all humans have, and provide a soothing presence that helps you get through your day. Studies have shown that simply listening to the sound of flowing water can lower blood pressure. Using a fountain, you can calm your mind and focus more effectively.

Reason 3: Productivity

You are not the only person affected by the fountain in your office. The effects of a tabletop water fountain are felt immediately by anyone entering the space. With a little thought, you can use this effect to your advantage. You can make your workspace a soothing area for your coworkers to meet and discuss their ideas, or you can use the fountain to ease the tensions of clients coming to meet with you. People with lower immediate stress levels are more open to suggestions, better able to think clearly, and tend to listen better and communicate to better effect.