The Simple Beauty of Wall Hanging Fountains

There are many people who view wall hanging fountains as a distraction or even as a high maintenance fixture in the home. Both groups are sadly mistaken because a fountain is designed purely as a means of calming and soothing those around them. Certainly, there are many kinds of wall hanging fountains that are also major works of art and can really inspire their viewers, but the most common experience or feeling created by fountains is relaxation.

This is due to two very powerful things – the sound of the water, and the simple lines and beauty of most wall hanging fountains. If you look at them, they tend to be very uncomplicated items with only the most fundamental pieces imaginable. For instance, they have a base, the actual surface over which the water passes, and the header. The best designs keep the overall structure free of clutter and too many distracting features.

Consider that the most popular types of wall hanging fountains include those that use stone, metal, glass, and art work. This means that they are not meant to be heavily scrutinized or over analyzed in the ways that most traditional wall art tends to be viewed, and instead are simply appreciated for the wonderful effects that they create.

Let’s use a simple example of a very “clean” design – one that uses stainless steel and glass. This might sound like a cold or unwelcoming sort of fountain, but if it is selected for the appropriate space, it will actually warm up the surroundings. For our example, we’ll say that a modern business office wanted to improve the atmosphere in its small lobby. They initially tried hanging some black and white prints, but these generated only negative reactions. They then had a stainless steel and glass wall fountain added to the space, and taking up most of a single wall.

What would the effects of the decision have been? The clients and visitors would have been unable to overlook the fixture and would have enjoyed at least a moment of the gentle sounds of the water and the beauty of its movement across the slick surface of the glass. Although the glass and steel may have originally sounded cold, they would have actually de-emphasized the power of the cooler interior design and added an almost organic quality to the space.

This same sort of power can be attributed to nearly all wall fountain designs, and this is the reason they work well in so many kinds of decor.