The Remarkably Beauty of a Pebble Wall Fountain

Imagine the hypnotic quality of a gentle river flowing over its many pebbles and stones, but in the convenient form of a wall fountain. This is actually something readily available from the better suppliers of fountains, and they can even be found in a few different styles.

It helps to understand that a modern consumer can easily find a wall fountain made from almost any materials imaginable. Whether someone wants a very organic and natural wall fountain such as those made from slate, copper, or stone, or a more contemporary style made from brushed metal and glass, there are plenty of options for everyone.

The reasons that someone would opt for a pebble wall fountain are pretty simple – the sound of the water, the visual appeal of the stones, and the effects that are created by the water passing over their surface. All of them are relaxing, inspiring, and will truly enhance almost any type of space.

It is interesting to note that many pebble fountains will also incorporate alternative materials and patterns too. For instance, the most common design utilizes a large panel to which the stones are affixed and down which the wall fountain flows. There are also patterns that set the stones in alternating waves or rows of copper or metal along with the pebbles. Naturally, this dramatically alters the ways that the water interacts with the surface, and this changes the sounds that the fountain will make. It may be a subtle difference, but it does quickly change the “energy” of the fountain.

How do you know which styles to choose? It really all depends upon the space available and the results desired. For instance, a business could easily incorporate a pebble fountain into its design in order to add a natural feel to the environment or even to help keep customers very calm and tranquil. A homeowner can also readily incorporate this type of fountain, but it is important to be sure that it is given adequate room in order to allow the viewer to really step back and view this unique accent.

This brings us to the last issue, which is the fact that many people choose a pebble fountain because it is so remarkably similar to a form of sculpture or wall art. Consider the textures, sounds, and impact of a large number of smooth pebbles over which water is gently flowing…this is a very interactive sort of element in a room, and a great choice for someone looking for a real accent piece.