The Options in a Wall Mounted Indoor Fountain

If you are considering buying an indoor fountain, you will want to explore your options in a wall mounted indoor fountain. This is because it is one of the few varieties of fountains that can serve a dual purpose. Firstly, and most obviously, it is going to function as a lovely and soothing water fountain. Secondly, however, it can be easily selected in order to serve as a piece of gorgeous wall art too.

Consider that the best makers of fountains offer their indoor fountain designs in a huge range of styles and materials. This means that you could select a combination of metal, stone, acrylic, glass, Lexan and more. You could then incorporate a logo, a variety of lighting fixtures, an array of stones and pebbles, and even a logo or artwork if desired.

How could these combine to make the indoor fountain a sort of wall art? Let’s take just a single example. Consider that Lexan is a crystal clear material that is more durable than glass. It can have any kind of art print mounted permanently to one side of it and this can then be secured into a wall mounted fountain. The framing could be made from a complementary metal, such as burnished copper or polished steel, and some elegant lights could be inserted into the top or bottom of the frame. When the water moved over the surface of the Lexan, the print would be entirely protected, but it would be given a sense of movement thanks to the lighting and the water. Whenever the fountain was turned off, however, the good looks of the fixture would not disappear because the gorgeous print would be viewable.

Naturally, it doesn’t take the use of an art print to make a wall fountain equivalent to art work. There are options for designs that use panels of copper that are embossed with a pattern over which the water must pass and which makes for a lovely pattering noise as it heads towards the base. Such a panel would be just as attractive without water or sound of any kind as well.

There are also elaborately carved stone fountains that use large pieces of slate into which gorgeous decorative motifs are set. These look like framed art without the water flowing over them, but when they are dampened by the fountain, the stones darken and take on an amazing look.

Clearly the options in wall mounted fountains make it easy to use them for their appealing sounds as well as their impressive good looks.