The Options in a Stone Wall Mounted Fountain

If you have ever watched water move across rocks and along a riverbed, you may be well aware of the appeal of a stone wall mounted fountain. This is something that will be easily found in a wide range of designs and styles that can include large slabs of slate, and clusters of pebbles. The reason that it is similar to a natural body of water is that it incorporates the two materials that make viewing a river, brook, or stream so visually appealing.

For instance, you can find a wall mounted fountain that uses a large piece of slate that has been carved with a few images of leaves or flowers, but which also has some ridges added to over which the water must pass as it flows towards the basin. This forces the water to make the gentle sounds of nature, but it also comes with the wonderful visual appeal of the flowing movement too.

A stone wall mounted fountain can also be made up of a large gathering of smooth pebbles too. This is a fascinating visual creation that can rely on different colors of stone which are then combined with metal to create a very organic composition. As the water moves across the surface of such a wall mounted fountain it will drip, splash and splatter in a way that creates sounds similar to rainfall or even natural streams and small waterfalls.

Clearly, there is a huge amount of appeal to such fountains, and they can be readily incorporated into almost any kind of décor or environment. For instance, a business office can just as easily opt for the installation of a stone fountain as a homeowner with a very natural design esthetic.

The one thing to remember is that stone is somewhat heavy and even the best designs cannot eliminate the vast majority of the weight. This means that the location of a stone wall fountain must be carefully selected for its ability to support the fountain as well as for its visual support of the fixture too.

You don’t have to skip the right position for the fountain, however, because it takes only the most basic of carpentry skills to fortify the wall and to allow it to be the right spot. Often, a home or business owner will automatically add some structural support to a wall if they are adding any type of fountain, so this is not such an unusual request or requirement.