The Music of Water Walls

The sounds of water can often seem like music: drip, splash, trickle, gurgle, gush, and flow are some of the words we use to describe the movement of water. You can often adjust certain things within the fountain or ensure you choose a fountain that meets your specifications to change the way water sounds in water walls. These are volume of water (meaning the amount of water), distance the water falls, and the surface over which the water falls.

Generally, the greater the volume of water and the father the water has to fall, the louder a sound is made. In addition, the sound of the water will change depending on whether it is flowing over a surface or directly into a body of water. No matter what water wall you choose, the sound of the water will likely sound like music to your ears.

In general, water walls are systems designed to have sheets of water falling into a tray and being circulated continuously through the fountain. It can literally be the size of a wall, or a smaller wall fountain installed on a wall. In addition, they don’t even have to be a flat plate. A fountain can be curved or even be a circular wall of water.

Water walls can be made from slate, marble, brass, copper, or glass and can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on your need. They can be large or small, wide or narrow, tall or short. Some have edges, some do not. They all have a top and bottom for water to flow from and to.

Some water walls can be programmed to make truly magnificent water displays. They can also be customized or personalized for a unique addition to your home or office. Imagine the awe of a client walking into a reception area backed by a wall of water with your business name in the center, behind the water. Water walls are excellent ways to make a statement in your business.

The best way to make the most of your water wall is to determine its location before shopping and purchasing. Most water walls are several inches deep, so it’s best to make sure the area is sufficiently big to allow people to easily pass by the fountain. Trying to install any fountain in areas that are not large enough will cause continuous problems. Research is the best place to start before buying a water wall.