The Most Famous Lake Fountain West of the Mississippi

When most people think of fountains, their minds conjure up images of the large beautiful fountains in Rome or Paris. These are certainly lovely, but nothing compares to a certain watery spectacle you will find in the western part of the United States. The arid desert of Nevada is home to a jewel of a city, and within that city lays one of the best fountains in the world, a true marvel of engineering. Once you’ve seen the lake fountain at the world famous Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, you will understand just how impressive it really is.

The fountain at the Bellagio is one of the best attractions the city offers and it is free! The fountain offers a hypnotic blend of dancing water accompanied by music from operas, Broadway, classical composers, and contemporary hits. Some of the songs that you might recognize at the fountain are Fly Me to the Moon, Luck Be a Lady, and Viva Las Vegas. In the winter, you will hear a number of holiday songs. At night, when they add the lights into the mix, the lake fountain takes on new characteristics, and it’s impossible to look away.

No matter when you come to Vegas, you will be able to see the show at the fountain. They operate every fifteen minutes to every half hour depending on the time of day. You should see a showing in the daylight as well as at night just to see how different it looks. This is certainly one of the greatest fountains in the world!

Of course, most people don’t have the ability to have an elaborate display of gigantic fountains that you would find in front of the Bellagio. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own lake fountain at home. If you have a body of water on your property, either natural or manmade, you will be able to have a nice fountain of your own. Even just a small pond can have much more interest when you add one of these fountains. You will even be able to add lights to your fountain so you can enjoy it in the evening.

While you might not have a massive lake fountain like the Bellagio, you can be sure that your own unique water fountain is going to be the best one west of your neighbor’s house!