The Many Different Types of Outdoor Wall Fountain

Adding beauty and elegance to your outdoor area can be as simple as adding a fountain to your décor. However, it is important that you know what styles and types of outdoor wall fountains are available. Matching your current theme or style is vital – using the wrong type of fountain can have some unwanted effects. Therefore, it pays dividends to do a little research beforehand. What types of water features might you find?

Traditional Spout Fountains

Most of the water features you will find will be traditional spout fountains. While the exact operation will differ from one fountain to another, these will generally have water coming from an upper spout, which falls to a collection pool below. There are tons of different styles here. You will find outdoor wall fountains with French elements, Roman elements, those with medieval styles and those with Renaissance themes. You’ll also find whimsical designs and Gothic elements, as well. Spout fountains might be the largest category, but they can be broken down to several subcategories.

When most people think of outdoor water features, spout fountains are usually the first things that come to mind. Adding the look and feel that you want can be as simple as choosing the right motif for your outdoor garden or other outdoor area.

Waterfall Features

While spout features might be the most common, you will find other options available. For instance, waterfall wall fountains are available in several styles. These differ from spout features in that, rather than coming from a central upper spout, the water falls in a sheet down the face of the fountain to the collection pool.

These options are available in modern styles, but you will also find others. For example, you’ll find stone frames with bronze or copper sheeting that evoke the memory of ancient civilizations. You will also find those that bring to mind a running brook, or have Eastern themed elements, as well.

Your Area

While style and design are important considerations when choosing outdoor wall fountains, you will also need to consider the area in which you’ll be installing the fountain. It needs to be close enough to a power source for the pump to work, and it must also be strong enough to support the weight of the fountain. Before buying a fountain, make sure that your wall is capable of doing this.