The History Behind Friendship Fountain

Friendship Fountain is one of the most beautiful and elegantly designed fountains in the United States. People come from all across the country to visit the great city of Jacksonville, Florida. When the tourists roll into this amazing city, many of them make a point to check out Friendship Fountain. This fountain has a great history that reflects a lot about the development of the city of Jacksonville. The fountain can be found in St. Johns River Park close to the west side of Downtown Jacksonville. It is one of the city’s leading attractions and when it first opened was considered to be the largest fountain.

The Friendship Fountain was designed by Taylor Hardwick in the year 1963. This fountain took nearly two years to build. It officially opened in 1965. One of the key features of this awesome fountain was its ability to shoot 17,000 gallons of water ten stories high into the air. While Friendship Fountain was a major city attraction, it did fall victim to damage sustained through the process of corrosion. Most of the damage began to get noticed in the early 2000s. This resulted in many different closures of the fountain which had a negative impact on the tourism of the area. The city of Jacksonville decided that the fountain was an important part of city history, and so in 2011 they had the fountain renovated and repaired.

Friendship Fountain has a huge basin that holds over 500,000 gallons of water. The water is treated in similar fashion to a swimming pool. The fountain is well known for its amazing light show that goes on at night. There are four lights for every spray nozzle installed in the fountain. These four different lights are what make up a majority of the light show as they are choreographed together. The fountain has a system in place that helps to control how high the spray goes depending on the speed of the wind. The higher the wind, the shorter the spray of the fountain.

The plan to renovate the fountain was approved in February of 2010. The renovation project was scheduled to begin in September of 2010. When the time came for the project to begin, the city of Jacksonville held a groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate the event. If you are ever in Florida near the city of Jacksonville, you simply must take the time to go visit Friendship Fountain and take in the awesome light show.

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