The Heart of the Water Wall

The heart of the water wall, or any modern fountain for that matter, is the pump. No matter what materials are used to make a water wall, how large or small it is, or how much it cost, without a pump water will not be carried to the top of the fountain so it can fall to the bottom. Even outdoor fishponds with water falls use a pump to push the water to the top of the waterfall.

As much as we would like to be able to recreate nature, we need some help. While gravity brings the water down, something has to move it up. For that purpose we use a motorized pump, which is powered with electricity, batteries, or solar energy. And, with a motorized pump, it’s possible to control the flow and volume of water in the fountain.

So, while the dirt you see on your water wall may urge you to clean it, the true secret to keeping a fountain clean and operating properly is properly maintaining the pump. Outdoor pumps and indoor pumps have different maintenance needs, as do different types of pumps, so it’s important to carefully read any manufacturer’s instructions.

Indoor pumps are not subject to falling debris or the elements of the weather and do not require as frequent cleaning as outdoor pumps. Debris should be removed from a water wall as often as necessary, and pumps should be cleaned at any sign of sluggish water movement or a noticeable decrease in volume. Water should be kept at the required minimum level at all times, as the pump motor will burn up if the water wall is allowed to go dry.

Enhance the Enjoyment of Your Water Wall

While the heart of the water wall may be the pump, there are additional things you can do to enhance your enjoyment of your fountain. One is to adjust the volume of water flowing to change the musical quality of the water falling. Another is to add scented tablets approved for fountains to engage the sense of smell. You may want to add lights, even colored lights, to your water wall, or place lights directed at the water wall. No matter how you choose to use your water wall or enhance the benefits received, maintaining the pump properly will ensure a long life for the fountain.