The Fountains of Peterhof

Russia is one of the most beautiful places to visit regardless of the time of year. There are many wonderful attractions to take in. Russia has a rich heritage that is interesting for people to learn no matter where they are originally from. If you are planning a trip to Russia, you will have to make sure to include a stop by the Fountains of Peterhof, which are some of Russia’s most popular attractions for both tourists and residents alike. The idea to build these fountains originated with Peter the Great. Peter the Great made these fountains the center piece of the Grand Palace grounds.

With the construction of these gardens, a competition began to brew up between the generations of different leaders who would come to live in the Grand Palace. These generations sought to go bigger and better than those who had come before them, adding more intricate pieces and designs to the fountain. This has eventually become a great blessing for all of the people who come through the country, as they get to see this beautiful work of art and behold it in all of its awesome glory. There are many different pieces that make up the fountains. One of the most popular and well-loved sections of the Fountains of Peterhof is the Grand Cascade. There are a total of 64 different pieces that make up the entire ensemble. In this ensemble are 200 plus bronze statues and other decorations that are designed to make visitors stand in awe of the artistry involved in creating each individual piece.

The Fountains of Peterhof are designed to be similar to a water park full of wonderful fountains. One of the most beautifully designed fountain pieces in the entire Grand Palace is the Pyramid Fountain followed by the Chess Cascade. One of the fountains in the Grand Palace is designed to pull a prank on those who pass by. One of the stones in the path triggers a fountain to spray the individual with a stream of water.

The Fountains of Peterhof are usually opened at the end of May each year. The opening of this part of the Grand Palace is a big deal in the area. There is a whole day long celebration that is held on opening day. To commemorate the occasion there is plenty of wonderful music along with a beautiful firework display for all in attendance to enjoy.

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