The Fountain of Wealth: The Largest Fountain in the World

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the world is Asia. The landscape and culture are wonderful to take in, along with some of the awesome and fun attractions the many great cities have to offer. One of the most popular attractions in Asia is the Fountain of Wealth. The Guinness Book of World Records states that this fountain is the largest one in the world. The Fountain of Wealth is located in the country of Singapore and is in the shopping area known as Suntec City.

One of the reasons the Fountain of Wealth is such a hit attraction in the area is due to the tradition of walking in a circle around the smaller fountain that is located in the middle of the fountain base. This tradition usually takes place during day light hours. The water in the larger fountain is shut off in order to allow tourists and visitors to have access to the smaller fountain. Another reason that thousands of people come from all around the world to see this sight is due to the amazing laser shows that take places on a nightly basis. These shows take place around 8 pm and feature live song performances to accompany the laser show.

The Fountain of Wealth was built in the mid-1990s. The actual design of the fountain itself is ripe with meaning. The fountain is designed to look similar to a ring made from bronze. This is a Hindu symbol that means oneness of spirit. It is supposed to represent the hope of all religions and races living in harmony together in the country of Singapore. The entire fountain was designed, built, and installed by a company called DCG Design and Meridian Projects. The company that took on this project is located in the Australia. The fountain is part of the overall design of the entire Suntec City shopping area. The design of the shopping area was meant to look like a hand coming up out of the ground. The fountain was designed to look like the palm of the hand.

The Fountain of Wealth has played some big roles in popular culture also. When the reality series the Amazing Race aired its third season, contestants were required to pick up a clue at the location of the fountain. There have also been movies filmed in the area that have used the fountain as a part of the location for a few scenes.

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