The Elegant Beauty of Indoor Fountains

A lot of people mistakenly view indoor fountains only as those massive units appearing in shopping malls, casinos, and many public buildings. They are also available for businesses of all sizes and the home as well. The modern indoor fountains are made from a diversity of different materials and can easily complement or enhance any pre-existing décor.

Consider that a business with a very contemporary interior design will be able to find a large number of options for indoor fountains, including those made with steel and glass or with a logo emblazoned in the surface of the actual fountain too.

The indoor fountains meant for home use are also just as flexible and varied too, and many of the best manufacturers make them available in the form of “art” fountains as well. These use a sheet of glass or Lexan to which a fine art print is attached. The water from the fountain runs over the front of this smooth surface while the print is safely positioned at the back of it.

Are these the limits to indoor fountains? Absolutely not! Apart from the many kinds of wall-mounted fountains already mentioned, there are floor fountains, tabletop units, and even “waterfalls” that gently pour water down an array of surfaces or vessels.

All of these fountains can be made from slate or stone, steel or metal, glass, plastic, acrylic, resin, and more. They can be very angular and shaped like a large piece of framed art, or they can be entirely sculptural with a huge variety of shapes and looks.

The one thing to remember when deciding to add a fountain to any space is the simple fact that it should be selected to enhance the interior design. Yes, it may be a focal point in the room, but it shouldn’t be the only point of attention. Instead, a fountain used in an indoor space must be chosen as a means of improving the general appearance of the space.

For example, a very austere and cold lobby can instantly see a huge amount of warmth and appeal by incorporating a fountain. The trick to selecting the right one for such a space is to use materials similar to those already appearing in the space, and to install the fountain in an area that can allow the water to be heard, and the general lines of the fixture to be appreciated for their beauty and simplicity. This sort of criteria works for the selection of all types of fountains.