The Different Types of Wall Fountains

When shopping for a mounted wall fountain you may notice that there are two basic types of fountains available. They are dedicated water source fountains and re-circulating fountains. Which type of system is best for your needs when choosing a wall fountain? The answer to this primarily depends on the amount of water that will be used. Other important factors include the rate of water loss due to evaporation and possible splashing if it is an outdoor wall fountain.

A re-circulating mounted wall fountain is one of the most common type of wall fountains. These types of wall fountains are typically utilized in homes and small offices. A pump is used with this type of wall fountain to circulate the water throughout the entire fountain. A reservoir pan is also usually utilized with this type of fountain design in order to hold the water until it is recirculated. With this form of fountain, you can place it almost anywhere in your home or office and not have to worry about having an additional source of water to operate the fountain.

A dedicated wall fountain is usually used with larger fountains in public locations. These are often commercial fountains that can use thousands of gallons of water. In order to maintain the desired effect, the fountain may need as much as 100 gallons of water per day. While this is not always the case, a dedicated wall fountain will often require working with a plumber and contractor.

Most of the wall fountains used in homes and offices today are re-circulating fountains. The advantage of this fountain is that you do not need a dedicated water source. The water used in the fountain is continually repeated throughout the entire day provided that the fountain is turned on.