The Difference between a Lake Fountain and an Aerator

It’s important to understand the difference between a simple lake fountain and a lake aerator when purchasing either for your lake. It’s even more important to know and understand the reason for purchasing either one before you even start shopping. Some lake fountains act as both a fountain and an aerator.

A Simple Lake Fountain

Your purpose for a lake fountain may be simply to provide the sounds and beauty created from water falling on a lake instead of a stand-alone fountain. These fountains float on top of the water and pump lake water through its piping to create the spray or other display of water. The water pumped is not sufficient to make any significant aeration of the lake water and is only that necessary to create the size spray desired.

Lights, and even colored lights, can be added to these fountains to further enhance their visual appeal. Multiple head fountains, or multiple fountains, can be used to create a unique display of water to attract the attention of passersby.

A Simple Aerator

A device intended only for aeration moves large volumes of water to expose as much as possible to oxygen, and circulate sufficient amounts of water to create a healthy environment for the entire lake. These devices may float or pump from the bottom of a lake and do not produce a spray. Instead large volumes of water are pushed to the surface making a big gurgling of water that is not intended to be aesthetic for sight or sound.


There are lake fountains that produce a beautiful spray and display of water, but also pump sufficient amounts of water to aerate the lake. A lake fountain designed to aerate will enhance the landscape with its water display and at the same time efficiently and effectively move large volumes of water exposing sufficient amounts to the air to properly aerate the lake keeping it healthy.

The size of the lake dictates the size of the lake fountain and horsepower of the pump motor. These can also be used in multiples for both practical aeration uses and visual displays and can include lights as well.

Your first step toward buying a lake fountain is determining your purpose for it. Once that has been determined you can research various styles and types and choose the one that best serves your needs. The Internet is an excellent tool for finding the answers to any questions about lake fountains and aeration.