The Design of a Water Feature

When you hear the term “water feature”, what do you envision in your mind? A lot of people automatically place themselves in the outdoor environment and picture a larger fountain or waterfall that is installed in a garden or yard. Quite often people will also envision that the water feature is meant to be a major or central element of the space too.

While this is a very accurate view of the average use of a water feature, it shouldn’t be overlooked that homeowners and businesses of all kinds will install all kinds of water features as well. For instance, it is not unusual for restaurants, medical offices, or shopping malls to have fountains of all kinds. There are also millions of homes with water and fountain features too.

Why are so many people choosing to bring the standard fountains from the outdoors to the indoors? There are many reasons behind this popular trend, and they include the fact that the sound of moving water is extremely calming and soothing, and also that the designs of these fixtures are so variable as to be able to meet the demands of almost any decorating theme imaginable.

Have a Victorian-style home? There are a lot of different options for a suitable and appropriate water feature. Have a log cabin home? There are plenty of designs that would work for your theme. Need a smaller, wall-mounted fountain for your dental office? You can find one that is a perfect match to the existing décor and could even have the business logo etched into the surface!

You could easily name almost any type of decorating style, and there would be a number of different kinds of water features available.

This takes us to the third reason that people are electing to install fountains and water fixtures in their homes – they can be a “featured” element. This doesn’t mean that they have to be the central point of attention, however, and many people are beginning to view their fountains or tabletop fixtures as a design feature or an essential element in the general scheme of things. For example, you could choose a fixture that had lights along with the water and which could be used to brighten a darker area of a room, or simply to create a somewhat calm and tranquil space for people to gather and to enjoy the soothing sounds created by the running water.