The Buckingham Memorial Fountain

One of the most beautiful fountains in the United States of America is the Buckingham Memorial Fountain. This fountain can be found in the city of Chicago in Illinois. The Buckingham Memorial Fountain has a great, rich history in the city. While there are many beautiful attractions in the city of Chicago, none can quite compare to the wonderful artistic design of the Buckingham Fountain. This fountain was commissioned to be built in the mid-1920s.

The Buckingham Memorial Fountain was originally commissioned by a woman named Kate Buckingham. The reason she had the fountain commissioned was to memorialize her brother Clarence who had died. Buckingham was heavily inspired by the awesome fountains that pepper most of the major European cities. Kate wanted to capture the essence of those beautiful fountains and bring their elegance and style back to the United States. She used her wealth to have the very European inspired fountain built and maintained.

The main design for the Buckingham Memorial Fountain was inspired by the fountain at Versailles Palace that is located near Paris, France. The Buckingham fountain was designed and built by Edward H. Bennett. Bennett was a famous designer who had done great work, most notably the Michigan Avenue Bridge. The Buckingham Fountain stands a magnificent twenty three feet high. The fountain has basins in the center of it with beautiful bronze crafted seahorses all around them. The seahorses are not simply artistic decoration; they have a significant meaning as well. Each of these beautiful seahorses was designed to represent one of the states that border Lake Michigan. The actual fountain and its basins are designed to represent Lake Michigan itself.

The artist who is credited with creating these seahorse sculptures was famous French sculptor Marcel F. Loyau. The sculptures were so well loved that they earned Loyau the coveted Prix National in 1927. One of the features that makes this awesome fountain stand out from the crowd is that it has over 130 jets that spray the water up in the air. One of the main attractions of the fountain is that every hour it provides spectators with an amazing water show. This famous water show draws tourists from all over the country to watch the jets push water over 150 feet up into the air. This amazing show also has some amazing musical accompaniment along with synchronized lights that add just the perfect touch of atmosphere to a wonderful evening out in the city of Chicago.

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