The Beauty of the Jet d’Eau Fountain

There are many gorgeous and well-designed fountains to be found all around the world. Just about every country on planet earth has a beautifully designed fountain decorating its capital or major city. One of the world’s most beautiful fountains to see is the Jet d’Eau. This gorgeous fountain is located in Geneva, Switzerland. This is one of Geneva’s largest landmarks and is known for drawing in thousands of tourists each year to behold its awesome beauty. This fountain has been named one of the largest fountains that exist in the world. The fountain is located near where Lake Geneva spills out into the famous Rhone River. People have been known to be able to spot the fountain while flying in an airplane 33,000 feet in the air.

The Jet d’Eau usually sends close to 132 gallons of water nearly 450 feet in the air per second. An advanced network of pumps completes this amazing feat. It is estimated that the water that sprays out of the pumps can reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. The Jet d’Eau has a wonderfully rich history. The fountain was first installed in Geneva around the mid-1880s. The original fountain was not installed at the spot where it is located now. The original fountain was actually further downstream and was used as part of a hydraulic power network. The Jet d’Eau that thousands of tourists come to see each and every year was not installed until 1951.

Since the fountain is such a huge part of the culture and heritage of Geneva, the city allows it to be operated during daytime hours every day of the year, except when the winds are blowing strong or if there is any frost. There are a few nighttime showings during the fall and spring season complete with beautiful lighting. Tourists who travel from all around the world to come see this awesome sight are often warned to be cautious of being near the fountain. Those that get to close can often find themselves drenched by the powerful spray falling down from the sky as the fountain sprays up into the air. The Jet d’Eau is a wonderful and fun attraction to visit when you are in the Geneva area, and no trip through Europe is truly complete without making a stop to watch the fountain shoot up into the sky above.

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