The Beauty of Copper Outdoor Water Fountains

Do you know why the Statue of Liberty is that gorgeous shade of green? She was once covered in gleaming copper, but over time the sculpture has oxidized and turned into that beautiful and memorable color. This process is actually one of the reasons that many people will choose copper outdoor water fountains for their yards and gardens too. After all, consider how beautifully that brilliant hue works into nearly any sort of garden, and when it appears with gently sprinkling water, the effect is amazing.

Even if the copper is treated to prevent or delay the process (usually known as firing) it will eventually take on that lovely patina that only enhances its position within a natural garden space. Interestingly enough, copper has historically been a metal of choice for those who wanted to add a very strong natural element to a design or decorative scheme or style.

For example, if you look at the motifs and patterns that prevail in the famous Arts and Crafts movement, you would see tons of images and shapes taken directly from nature. You would also discover a very heavy reliance on copper too. This is because copper is easily molded or embossed to take on a natural shape, and the oxidation process only adds to the good looks and final results.

If you are considering the use of copper outdoor water fountains, you should know that a vast majority of them will also feature natural motifs and shapes as well. For example, there are different kinds of copper outdoor water fountains known as “dripper” fountains. These use a main sculptural element such as a lotus bloom, bird, or butterfly from which gentle showers of water will drip to the surface below.

There are also copper outdoor water fountains that are called sprinklers and which are actually copper tubes bent into very attractive and appealing sculptural figures and designs. These might spin and shoot water in many directions, but they are just as beautiful when they are totally still too.

Copper fountains are a very popular choice for those with whimsical, artistic, and heavily naturalized gardens. The metal functions beautifully with plants and grasses, and it always adds the unpredictable appeal of the oxidation process too. This means that someone who elects to use a copper fountain can rely upon it for its good looks, soothing sounds, and beautiful color in their garden or yard spaces.