The Appeal of Indoor Wall Fountains

Many designers initially balk at the idea of incorporating indoor wall fountains into their projects, but then they get a look at the enormous range of styles available and they often quickly change their minds. This is because a wall fountain designed for the indoors is going to come in such a diversity of styles and materials that it is possible to use them in any type of general d├ęcor or design scheme.

It is important to consider that a lot of the indoor wall fountains are also capable of sitting perched atop a tabletop too. These are the types of fountains that are often extremely sculptural and made from materials that are extremely appealing. For instance, there are many indoor wall fountains that are made from lightweight fiberglass, but designed to have the good looks of natural stone or wood. These fountains are often shaped with the appearance of having been carved or hewn from the natural materials. This makes them extremely detailed and appealing whether on the wall or a tabletop.

These same indoor wall fountains are often illuminated and can really serve as a major accent or focal area.

Naturally, there are also the wall fountains designed to be somewhat grand and impressive too. These can be made from large slabs of stone or slate, with gorgeous silky glass or Lexan, and can even feature artwork mounted to the reverse of the panel and viewed through the water. Such pieces are often selected to create a powerful statement and can easily function within a very large room or even a business or commercial space too.

There are also some wall fountains that have the looks of outdoor fountains, but which use much lighter materials in order to have the same general effects. For instance, there are some styles that look like the courtyard fountains found in tropical homes, with their tiers of stone and beautiful tile work. There are also some designs that are meant to emulate the good looks of ancient stone fountains, but which are also extremely lightweight and easy to use and install.

This brings us to one last issue about the appeal of a wall fountain, and that is that the source of electricity that runs it should be kept hidden. Most owners or designers will usually hire a professional electrician to install an outlet that can remain concealed behind the unit and yet keep it running smoothly.