The Appeal of a Wall Waterfall

Upon reading the words “wall waterfall” you may think you are going to read about an amusement park, but a wall waterfall is not any sort of thrill ride. Instead, it is a rather wonderful way to decorate a room or even a professional space.

A wall waterfall is a fixture that is mounted to the wall and has a special pump that gently directs water to spill down the surface into a basin where the water is recycled back into the system. It is like an extremely controlled fountain, and it can use an impressive range of materials and styles.

For example, you can find a wall waterfall that uses glass and steel, or you can choose one that features carved stone and tarnished copper. You can find them with artwork and with custom logos and you can even find them shaped from fiber glass and having the appearance of all natural stone or poured concrete.

The great thing is that most of them are extremely light in weight and able to be mounted to a wall with only the most minimal amount of carpentry skills or tools. They don’t demand any additional plumbing and will operate for years as long as they receive a bit of minimal maintenance on a regular basis.

They provide their owners with the visual appeal of art, but also bring with them the audible appeal of gently running and splashing water. It is this last feature that makes them such a widely appealing decorator’s choice.

Consider a wall waterfall in a business space; it is likely that you have already encountered them in a range of sizes and styles. They are used as signage when they have the business logo printed, etched, or carved into the surface of the waterfall’s material. They are also used to make the general business environment more appealing through the sound and movement of the water and through the good looks of the fixture’s design.

When installed in a home environment, a waterfall is usually meant to deliver the same sort of visual and audible impact as it is in the professional or commercial environment, but it is less likely to be selected as an accent and is more likely to be the focal point of the space. This is one of the reasons that a homeowner must be extremely thoughtful and organized about the planning and installation of their waterfall if they want the best results.