The Appeal of a Lightweight Garden Fountain

What is the main challenge of adding a garden fountain to your yard or garden space? For most people, it is selecting the perfect spot. This is often a reason that someone will have two small fountains instead of a single, larger garden fountain. Why two instead of one? This situation tends to evolve from the buyer’s inability to select the perfect spot for the fountain, and the understanding that it is extremely difficult to relocate a fountain once it is in place.

Because this dilemma is so common, the best suppliers of fountains have started to make them in “lightweight” designs that allow the units to be easily moved or relocated as needed.

The actual reasoning behind the decision to make lighter weight units is a bit more complex than stated, however, because some people look for a lightweight garden fountain in order to be able to easily maintain the entire fixture, to move the unit indoors during harsh weather, and to take full advantage of any solar features too. There are also a lot of people who want a lighter weight garden fountain in order to be able to easily position the fixture close to a power supply without having to install a dedicated outlet for the fountain.

When we say “lightweight” we mean that a fountain can be crafted from fiberglass, resin, ceramic materials, acrylics and plastics. Most of the materials are shaped or crafted to have the appearance of an all-natural material, and this is the reason that a wall fountain might appear to be made of stone or poured concrete, and yet can hang easily from only a few hooks or screws.

This brings us to the issue of quality. Just because a fountain is crafted from lightweight materials, it never implies that the quality of the unit is low or substandard. In fact, most of the makers of the lightweight units are also the creators of the more complex and structural pieces too. This means that their experience and knowledge of fountain design will easily translate into the alternative materials. This can guarantee that they operate easily and smoothly, are simple to install, and yet not at all difficult to handle or move from place to place.

If you are looking for a garden fountain that offers the good looks and durability of a standard fountain, you may want to explore your options in lightweight materials to see what styles are available.