Taking Care of Your Pond

If you have plans to put in a pond or water feature of any sort, there are several things that you should consider before you get started.  Cultivating a pond is not as easy as digging a hole in your yard and filling it with water.  You will need to worry about the health of the water, the plant life, and especially the animals that will call this pond home.  When you make the decision, you will need to consider pond aerators, which will help you keep your pond water clean and safe.

Pond aerators serve a very serious purpose.  These devices will keep the oxygen levels stable in your water features, which will eliminate problems with fish health, odors, and unhealthy plants.  Plants are often what make your pond beautiful, but they can also strip your pond of oxygen.  You will need to combat this problem on a regular occasion, and pond aerators are the best way to do this.  You will especially need to combat these conditions when the weather outside is hot and humid, such as during the months of July and August, though there are other things that can add to the stagnant water situation if you are not careful.

Deeper ponds and pools will stagnate if you do not consider some form of aeration method.  For shallower ponds, a fountain type will work.  These are surface pond aerators that also present something nice to look at.  If the pond is more than eight feet deep, you should consider one that works on the bottom of the pond.  These will push the oxygen to the bottom and then let it bubble to the top.  This exchange of oxygen is what will keep your water features clean and clear, while also promoting the good health of any plant and animal life.

With healthier water, you can expect fewer fish kills, less noxious odors, and an abundance of beneficial aerobic bacteria.  Finding the right system will not be inexpensive, but you really cannot afford to do without.  You can choose from electric aeration systems or those run by wind power.  The electric systems are great for the shallower pools because the electricity can run constantly.  The deeper ponds do better with the wind powered systems, though you might want to ensure that power can get to the aeration system whenever it is needed.