Take the Cold Feel Out of Your Medical Waiting Room

19So often, medical waiting rooms feel cold, callous, and generic. Often, they include plain white walls, uncomfortable chairs, and just a few pieces of generic artwork. The problem is, patients waiting in a medical waiting room are usually sick, tired, frustrated, impatient, running late, or scared. When they have only a cold, uncaring waiting room to sit in, all of their feelings will be magnified. A patient that is already scared to come to the doctor will only become more afraid. A patient who is tired of waiting will only become more impatient. If you have a cold waiting room, it is time to take that cold feeling out of it. Here are a few tips you can use in order to create a much more inviting room.

Change the wall color. There is no reason why those walls have to be stark white. There are certain colors that induce a calmer feeling among people, and you definitely want your patients to feel calm. These colors include any shade of blue, earth tones, deep shades of orange or rust, and browns. Make sure to avoid red or green for the paint colors. Changing the wall color is a big step toward creating a much more welcoming space in your waiting room.

Choose different seating. Unfortunately, too many medical facilities make use of the most uncomfortable seats, and this is not calming for patients who have to wait. Instead, consider investing in more comfortable seating. While this may cost more than other types of economical seats, you can expect patients to be much more relaxed when they have somewhere comfortable to wait.

Add a commercial fountain. Of course, these fountains, like water walls and free standing water falls will add a visual beauty to the room, but that is not all. A commercial fountain will be peaceful and stress-relieving. When patients can enjoy the sound of running water, they will be much more relaxed. Consider adding in your office logo to the commercial fountain for a more unique look.

Right now, your medical waiting room may be cold or distant feeling. Think about how this must make your patients feel. If you put yourself in their shoes for just a little while, you will realize just how important it is to have a warmer, more inviting waiting room. Just a few changes can make a big difference in creating a more comfortable space for patients.

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