Tabletop Fountains Allow You to Take the Pleasures of Water Anywhere

You may have heard of all the benefits of fountains, but don’t think you have the room for one in your home. Not so. Anyone can benefit from a water fountain with a tabletop fountain. Tabletop fountains can be used on any flat surface: counter, table, chest, sideboard, or any other piece of furniture near an electric outlet.

They are available in several styles and sizes to meet most anyone’s preferences and tastes. Fountains can be seen as works of art in your home or office, adding beauty and serenity to any room.

Things You Should Consider before Buying

Size: Tabletop fountains come in different sizes and you want to ensure you get the proper size for where you plan to place it. In addition, water is heavy as are many fountains, so you want to make sure the piece of furniture you plan to use to hold the fountain is sturdy enough to hold the fountain of your choice.

Materials: Fountains can be manufactured from natural stone, slate, river rock, bamboo, ceramics, copper, or brass, to name a few.

Complementary Décor: If your home is traditional and includes only traditional furnishings and decorations, you don’t want to include a contemporary fountain in the home. A fountain should complement the area, displaying its beauty as art and not detracting from the overall effect of the room.

Light: You should decide whether you want your fountain to contain a light before you begin shopping. It will help you narrow your search results and set your budget.

Location: You do not want to place tabletop fountains where the cord is placed in the way of any traffic. You also don’t want to place the fountain where it may be easily knocked over by someone passing by or by children. To get the most out of your fountain, proper location is essential.

Durability: To get the most out of your fountain you will want to purchase fountains made of durable materials and with a motor and pump of sufficient size to operate the fountain on a daily basis.

Budget: You can buy a tabletop fountain for most any price. Knowing your budget prior to purchasing will make your purchase much easier. When considering your budget, be sure to include maintenance and cleaning costs, as well as electricity needs.

Once you’ve considered these items, you’re ready to shop tabletop fountains.