Tabletop and Indoor Fountains

It is well known that indoor fountains can instantly create an atmosphere of calm thanks to the soothing sounds of the falling water. This explains their appearance in places like medical offices, shopping malls, and restaurants too. It is also the reason that many business offices and homes will install different kinds of indoor fountains as well.

When used in a place of business, a fountain can be a source of calm for the employees, but it can also be an excellent source of something known as “white noise”. This is a level of sound that is consistent and which helps to diminish the power of background noise as well. This means that the drone of office conversation, the beeping of computers, the clicking of keyboards, and the many other distracting noises in the average office, can be reduced by the persistent sound of the flowing water.

While wall mounted fountains are really great for doing this, the same results can also be found through the use of tabletop indoor fountains as well. These can be made in a very large size that allows them to be displayed on the surface of a desk or table, or they can also be mounted as a wall fountain too. There are much smaller units as well, and it is these that make the perfect versions of indoor fountains for office workers of all kinds.

Not only will the presence of the fountain bring the relaxation from the flowing water, and the benefits of the white noise, but they are also remarkably attractive too. They can be found in a wide range of styles and can use everything from stones and ceramics to metal and glass.

Because they can sit sturdily atop a desk or table, they can also be placed in waiting areas or lobbies as well. For example, it is not unusual for a dental office to place a table fountain in a prominent location of the room. This allows the noise from the water to distract patients from the sounds of the drills and other devices in the treatment rooms, and it also gives them the sense of calm that comes from watching the movement of the water over the surface of the fountain.

It just makes sense to invest in a tabletop fountain if a much large unit is outside of the available budget. They bring many of the same benefits and at a fraction of the cost.