Style Statements Made with Wall Water Features

What is your interior design esthetic? Are you an earthy designer? Do you favor “clean” materials like glass and metal? Maybe you like to “mix things up” and turn to natural stone, brushed metals, and a bit of color. Regardless of your personal preferences, it is easier than ever to incorporate wall water features into almost any type of design scheme or décor.

This is because they can be found in an impressive array of “stock” designs, and the finest vendors also make totally customized versions available too. Not sure what wall water features are exactly? They are fixtures that can be as subtle or as pronounced as the buyer desires because they come in such a large number of designs.

For example, let’s say that you are someone who does favor an earthier style. If you were considering the addition of a wall mounted fountain to your living space, you would want that fixture to use only materials that coordinated with your pre-existing pieces and themes. So, you could choose a patina copper base, a slate background, river stones for the water to strike as it fell, and even some amber colored lighting fixtures mounted covertly into the header. This could then be mounted above a fireplace, along a wall, or in place of standard wall art, and yet it would work seamlessly with the existing design.

Naturally, not all wall water features need to be a reflection of earthiness, and a large corporate lobby might easily incorporate massive glass and steel wall fountains too. Often, a business will work with a high-quality vendor to obtain custom fountains of this kind. They will rely on materials such as metal and glass, and often incorporate their logos, art, and lighting into the fixtures too.

It is interesting to think about such fixtures, even if only for a moment, to understand how widely used they really are. For instance, when was the last time you went through a shopping mall? Did you realize just how many of the restaurants and shops featured wall mounted water fountains and accent pieces? This is because they were able to really express a lot of distinctive style through well-chosen wall water features.

When considering the purchase of a wall fountain unit, however, it is important to work with vendors that can allow you the widest range of choices available – including customization – since this is the only way to really express your style.