Stocking Outdoor Water Fountains with Fish and Plants

Many people want to have a beautiful water feature in their gardens.  The problem is that maintaining a pond to support outdoor water fountains can be costly and take many hours of backbreaking maintenance.  A simple solution to pond and water maintenance is to include fish and plants in the retention pond.

The first item to add to any pond is plant life.  Plants help maintain the balance of oxygen in the water and create shaded areas, which helps retard the growth of algae.  The roots of the plant also break down the detritus in the water, providing a convenient way to eliminate waste in the water.  Even fallen leaves can be broken down by plant life and turned into a rich layer of soil.

One of the problems with adding plants to outdoor water fountains is the danger of the roots breaking through the lining of the pond and causing a leak in the water.  A good solution to this problem is to have the plants growing in containers.  The containers, similar to pots you would use in your home, restrict the growth of the roots and help eliminate the damage the plant can cause to the pond.  The problem with the container method is that the plants, just like plants in the house, will have to be moved to larger pots as they grow.  Otherwise, the plants could end up with bound roots, which can retard growth or even kill the plant.

Another item to consider adding to outdoor water fountains is types of fish.  Fish not only help keep the water clean by providing agitation to the water, but they produce carbon dioxide, which is what the plants use to grow by converting it into oxygen, which in turn helps the fish.  The waste products from the fish also provide fertilizer to the plants and help beneficial bacteria grow in the bottom layer of the pond.

One of the most popular fish to have in outdoor water fountains is carp.  Carp is one of the hardiest fish to have in any pond.  One of the most popular versions of carp available for ponds is the koi fish.  This fish is so popular because it can live in almost any climate.  Koi fish are known for eating algae can be found in a variety of colors.  Adding koi, or any other type of carp, can help keep your water feature clean and greatly lower the frequency and cost of your maintenance.