Statement Making Décor Items

123Are you ready to make a statement in your home? If you are, then making that statement all comes down to the décor items you choose. Truly, you do not have to redecorate a whole space. Instead, all you need to do is choose one item that stands out, makes a statement, and works as a true conversation piece. How do you make a statement without going overboard? It all comes down to choosing the one right piece.

Consider the Perfect Piece of Art

You do not have to decorate every single wall when you are trying to make a statement. Instead, you just need one very striking piece of artwork. Consider something larger than you would normally choose and make sure it is dramatic. You can do this by shopping local art galleries. You never know when you might find that one striking piece by a young or as yet unknown artist local to your area. Be sure to stay away from reproductions or prints and opt instead for something original so that it will be truly statement making.

Think of Water Features

Many people do not think of water features as something to include in a house. However, there are numerous indoor water features that are designed for the home setting. They are available in a number of sizes, and when you choose something as dramatic as a water wall or free standing water fall, you can ensure that you have a statement piece. Consider the style you currently have in your home and either choose a feature that fits in with that style or complements it. You are sure to have a conversation piece when you have your very own waterfall.

Paint an Accent Wall

If you have all of your walls neutral and then you choose one specific wall and paint it something dramatic, you will find that the walls alone can be a statement. To do this, you cannot be shy with the colors you choose for that accent wall. They must be dramatic, like deep red, burnt orange, bold blue or sunny yellow. Stay away from primary colors to avoid the look of a child’s room.

Any of these options will give you that statement making piece you want for your home. Consider a water feature, a piece of art, or the accent wall. Just be sure to choose one statement making item for the room for the best effect.

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