Splash Prevention for Your Indoor Fountain

Preventing splashes with your indoor fountain is a very important precaution. Splashes can create water damage, harm furniture, create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and even pose a risk of fire if the fountain is kept near electrical outlets. Taking the necessary precautions to prevent splashes in your indoor fountains is an excellent way to help keep your home beautiful while still being able to retain your decorative fountain.

With many fountains, preventing splashes is quite easy. Always ensuring that you never add more water than is required to run the fountain is an excellent step towards preventing splashes. Ensuring that water is not falling onto bare rocks or glass from a high distance is also important, as this will certainly create a large splash.  Most indoor fountains should retain all water within the basin itself and your furniture and surroundings should never be damp.

Indoor wall fountains
should be especially monitored for splashing, as moisture on the walls is the primary cause of mold development in your home. Most fountains are equipped with controls that allow you to adjust the flow of water, and setting your fountain to the ideal blend of relaxing sounds and splash free movement is the best way to prevent moisture loss. Wall fountains should also be maintained for splashing due to the risk of water seeping into outlets or onto the carpet.

Preventing splashes can be as simple as adjusting a switch or control on your fountain. If you find that this is not enough, using decorative stones or items can help shorten the length of waterfalls in your fountain and reduce splashing as well. Taking the time to inspect your fountain periodically for splashes is certainly an important thing to do and can help you prevent many potential complications.

Note that a properly installed and designed fountain is not likely to splash and cause damage. The largest problems are usually found when too much or too little water has been used or when the water flow is simply set too high. Regular maintenance and proper checking of water levels are the most important tools you will need when ensuring that your indoor wall fountain is not splashing its surroundings. By taking the time needed to perform these simple steps, you can prevent damage to your walls, carpet, and furniture while also serving to help eliminate any risk of fire and electrocution caused by water leaving your fountain through splashes.

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