Spirit Falls Slate Tech and Copper Wall Fountain Offers Beauty and Grace

If you are in the market for a gentle, soothing and natural focal point for your home or office, the Spirit Falls Slate Tech and Copper Wall Fountain could be just what you are looking for. This beautiful, unique work of art is not only soothing to the ears but stunning to behold in person with a gentle cascade of water that flows over the natural slate, catching the light in a spectrum of sparkles. The fountain features a patina copper basin with a slightly curved slate backdrop; making it ideal for a contemporary setting. The top of the fountain offers a light that shines in an upward motion, reflecting the cascading water onto the wall like dancing shadows. Ideal for the office or home, this is a fountain that will always attract attention.

The fountain could not be easier to hang or operate, coming complete with an easy to install wall hanging bracket. While the fountain does feature natural slate, it is lightweight, ensuring that the fountain is as light as possible and easy to hang. Because the fountain is actually pre-assembled, you can have your fountain installed and up and running in around thirty short minutes.

A clear powder coated finish has been applied to the finish of the cooper, assuring you of years of beauty and enjoyment from your fountain. You will never have to work about the copper of your fountain turning green due to the natural aging properties of copper, over the years because of this revolutionary powder coating. You can simply sit back and enjoy the beauty of your fountain.

Your fountain will come complete with the accent light, a hidden cord and recirculating electric pump. A six months limited warranty is provided by the manufacturer.