Some Unique Types of Floor Water Fountains

Any person would like to enhance their home in many ways. Some are not practical, some are too expensive, and some are just too hard. However, one practical, cost effective, easy way to enhance the décor of your home is with floor water fountains.

Water fountains are the most natural way to enhance your home’s décor, inside or outside. They provide instant beauty and tranquility. Most are cost effective to purchase, and cost efficient to maintain. Whether you purchase floor water fountains for inside or outside, there are many styles, sizes, and price ranges available.

Small Bucket Fountains: Several floor water fountains are made from buckets or even water cans. The design in the bucket varies but can be as simple as a fake water faucet with water flowing from it or fun animal statutes or other objects inside or on a bed of rocks. These fountains are inexpensive and can be placed anywhere in the home or outside in a garden or on a patio.

Garden Fountains: One of the most common places people install floor water fountains is outside in the garden or yard. These are generally made of durable materials so they will last during exposure to the outside elements. They can be made in any design, but are generally designed to complement a garden, or the elements of a garden.

Cascading Fountains: These fountains allow the water to cascade from a smaller bowl at the top to gradually increasing sized bowls until it reaches the basin at the bottom. They are often colorful fountains that make great additions to the outside.

Towered Fountains: These fountains are simple towers with water flowing down a wall, pole, or other material. These tend to have cleaner lines and appeal to those desiring simplicity.

Statute Fountains: Most of us immediately think of a statute fountain when we first hear floor water fountains. These are still commonly used, usually in the garden and can range from animals to children.

No matter which type of fountain you choose to purchase, you will not go wrong with any floor water fountains available. The visual appeal and sound quality of the fountain are personal choices that should be made with care if the intent is to use the fountain for a long period. Any of the above fountains will provide the benefits desired from floor water fountains.