Solar Water Fountains Make Excellent Outdoor Landscaping Art

It seems that everyone wants an outdoor water fountain for their landscaping project. And, as concern for the environment and its natural resources rises, more and more people look for alternative power sources. Perfect solutions for both of these desires are solar water fountains.

There are several different types of solar water fountains available for the yard. A popular choice is a fountain that has cascading water. In one type of cascading water fountains, water flows from the smallest container at the top down through gradually larger containers until it gets the largest container at the bottom. These fountains can be made from buckets, pots, or leave shaped pieces and are available in many heights and made from several different materials.

Another type of cascading fountain is the standard tiered fountain where the different sized bowls are placed directly on top of one another and water fills the top bowl flowing over on all sides into the next bowl, which repeats the process. These fountains are often made of concrete or stone.

Most Any Fountain can Be Solar Powered

Solar water fountains are popular due to the popularity of going green. However, they are cost efficient and easily used. The pumps in solar water fountains get their power from the solar panel, which retrieves and stores energy from the sun’s rays. Solar water fountains can be placed anywhere in a yard without regard to the availability of a power source, making them convenient and versatile.

Solar water fountains can operate year around as long as the solar panel is exposed to the sun’s rays and there is not threat of freezing. Most solar panels are only capable of running a fountain during the day due to the power necessary for such. These fountains are environmentally friendly making them an excellent choice for many who are concerned with the excessive use of electricity and polluting the air.

Water fountains actually improve the air quality around them. For indoor water fountains this is a huge benefit, but has little effect outdoors. Solar water fountains are more cost effective because once they are set up the only costs associated with them is water and maintenance, such as cleaning.

All water fountains provide visual appeal and soothing sounds, but solar water fountains do it without using electricity and polluting the air. In addition, these fountains are not significantly more expensive than a regular outdoor water fountain.