Solar Powered Fountains are Welcome Additions to Any Yard

Fountains that use solar energy to operate are called solar powered fountains. These fountains do not use electricity or any other power source when running on solar energy. If additional energy is needed it’s possible with some fountains to add solar panels. Some also come with battery packs for use during the night or on cloudy days.

With solar powered fountains there is no need to run electrical cords allowing the fountains to be placed in the farthest corner of your yard or garden. The only requirement is that the solar panel be exposed directly to the sun. It’s the sun’s rays that provide the energy being supplied by the solar panel to the fountain.

The location of the fountain is important as far as the solar panel being in the sunlight. Some solar powered fountains have the solar panel directly on the fountain requiring the fountain to be in the sun. Other fountains have the panels connected by a cord, usually several feet long, allowing the panel to be in the sunlight when the fountain is not necessarily.

When battery packs are available for night use or use during cloudy days, the battery packs may use some of the stored solar energy. Unfortunately most solar panels on fountains are not large enough to store enough energy to operate the fountain 24 hours a day, or during cloudy days. As technology improves this will most likely change.

The water level of the solar powered fountains should be maintained to the required minimum level in order for the pump to operate efficiently. Pumps will overheat and burn up if they continuously run with little or no water in the fountain. Pumps should be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive wear on the pump.

Fountains should be cleaned periodically as well. If chemicals are required in cleaning, only those approved for use with a fountain should be used. Keep in mind that it is highly likely that animals, both wild and pets, will drink from the fountain. Another way to keep the fountain clean is to change the water once or twice a year. This helps reduce the growth of algae in the fountain.

Solar powered fountains provide all the benefits of a standard fountain: visual beauty, soothing sounds, white noise, and attraction for animals, while reducing the energy costs and saving money. It’s hard to go wrong with the purchase of solar powered fountains for your yard or garden.