Smaller Garden Wall Fountains for a More Intimate Space

If you don’t happen to have an expansive yard that will accommodate a large garden or swimming pool, you can still enjoy the tranquility of a water feature.  The great thing about water features is that they come in just about any size imaginable—from extreme to modest—allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home.  If you’ve decided garden wall fountains are the way to go for your outdoor décor, there are many styles, colors, and sizes to allow you to create a more personal and relaxing backyard oasis.  Since the goal of installing any water feature is to add both beauty and serenity, you can’t go wrong no matter what size or style you choose.

Garden wall fountains are becoming a popular way to add the relaxing effects of water without cluttering up the yard.  Whether you have pets and children playing in your yard or your space is just too small, a wall water feature can be the best option.  The clean design of this type of fountain makes it ideal for a more intimate space.  No longer restricted to the garden, they can be found on smaller patios or even inside the home, with so many options available.

For those that prefer modern design, many garden wall fountains are constructed of stainless steel and glass, which are perhaps the most contemporary materials used in water features.  Modern design might also include other metals, such as copper, or even granite.  Fiberglass is often used as way of constructed a more lightweight option without compromising quality or design.  The gentle sounds of your water feature make it a worthwhile investment—whether for your patio or your garden.  You’ll finally be able to escape the stress and turmoil of daily life in your tranquil backyard getaway.

Although many garden wall fountains are quite large, there are many other sizes and styles to choose from.  There are also solar fountains, for households that wish to go with something more eco-friendly.  Plus, upkeep of most water features is minimal, making them an easy choice for your backyard décor.  Modern, traditional, and custom designs are easy to find in quality water features of all sizes.  Your patio or garden will never be the same once you start up your stunning new feature.  Relax to the sounds of flowing water and appreciate the artistic contribution your new fountain makes to its surroundings.