Small and Elegant Garden Fountains

While the large and central garden fountains can be impressive with their tiers of water streaming down from a spouting jet, the smaller garden fountains can be just as lovely and effective too.

If you are looking for a way to dress up or enhance your yard or garden, you should consider adding one of the smaller and less elaborate units. They can be found in a somewhat impressive range of styles and designs, and can even be operated through a solar panel instead of via an electrical cord!

To begin the process of choosing among the smaller garden fountains, however, you must consider the general style that is most suitable to your space. For instance, if you have a garden that is very natural and informal, you wouldn’t want to try to add a fountain that is extremely structured or formal in appearance. Instead, you would want to consider the garden fountains with more organic shapes. For example, a simple pedestal fountain that used a rustic pot design or one that had some whimsical features such as a lily pad feature would be a good choice.

Of course, the smaller fountains can also be extremely elegant in their design as well. These are frequently the types of fountains that have finials, sculptural accents, tiers, and even small jets that emanate from the center of tiny pools. Any of these types of fixtures would work well within a garden space, and could serve as a focal point or even be placed in a quiet and thoughtful corner instead.

The important thing about the smaller fountains is that they do tend to rely on electricity in order to operate, and this means that they will have to receive power through an extension cord or dedicated outlet. Most owners will take the time to hire an electrician to tackle this small and inexpensive job because it makes the unit safer. The cord is not going to be exposed over an expanse of lawn or garden path, which reduces the chances for falls or trips. This also means that the fountain cannot be easily tipped or knocked over as well.

Most of the smaller fountains can be found in a range of materials, such as resin, cast stone, and even natural metal. This is only possible because of their relatively small size, and this is often a reason that a shopper will opt for several small fountains instead of one large unit.