Selecting your Stone Outdoor Water Fountain

Looking to add a bit of classic design into your yard or garden space? Perhaps you have a business that could benefit from the decorative and soothing appeal of a fountain? If so, you should consider the purchase of a stone outdoor water fountain as an ideal solution.

Why a stone outdoor water fountain? Generally, they will come in the widest range of styles possible and can be found as wall mounted and traditional garden styles too. Remember also that the looks of a stone outdoor water fountain will be a bit different from those made from composite materials. Although a resin or acrylic fountain can be extremely convincing and give the looks of a stone fountain, they do not age and wear in the same ways. After just a few seasons, the stone outdoor water fountain will take on a look that is expressive and distinctive, and this is often one of the reasons that someone will opt for the “real thing” as opposed to a much lighter man-made material.

This brings us to the issue of the weight. Millions of consumers will automatically choose the man-made materials because they are just so much easier to handle and to maintain. This is definitely a good reason to opt for them, but it doesn’t mean that they are superior to the real stone fountains.

The thing to consider when deciding to stick with the stone choices is that you are probably going to have to be very certain about the location of a medium to large-sized fountain when you put it into position. This is simply because they are very difficult to relocate at a later time – due to their weight. Also, many people will elect to have their electrician install a dedicated outlet near the point of installation in order to avoid having to run a length of electrical cord from the fountain to the nearest supply. Not planning the most appropriate position for the fountain is a sure way to make installation of an electrical supply far less effective too.

Finally, it is important to recognize that a stone fountain is not the same as a cast or poured fountain. The stone options tend to be far more durable and less prone to cracking. This is because the stones won’t absorb moisture in the same way as concrete can, and this prevents any ice from forming in the fountain and causing problems. Thus, many people opt for the stone fountains over a lot of other materials.