Selecting the Right Wall Waterfalls

What exactly are wall waterfalls? They are basically the many different kinds of wall mounted fountains that are appearing in homes, offices, and businesses of all kinds. They can be made from an impressive array of materials and they all come with a lengthy list of benefits and general appeal.

For instance, all of the wall waterfalls can be chosen according to their style. This generally means that any sort of décor can also use one of the fountains to enhance the look of the room or space.

Don’t agree? Just consider that a business with a very streamlined and contemporary space could have stainless steel and glass wall waterfalls installed in their waiting areas or lobby spaces. Alternately, the homeowner who wanted to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui might also hang one of the wall waterfalls in a place that encouraged the flow of energy throughout their home, and which used the materials that had visual appeal and value as well.

Regardless of the individual style of a space, there is likely to be a wall fountain that can work beautifully within it. The real trick is actually selecting the most appropriate one for the specific space.

It all begins with a consideration of the space. How much wall and walking space is in the room? Is there a wall that is basically empty? Does it have a lot of room in front of it? This is an ideal spot, but this doesn’t mean that only vast and open places are a good location for a wall waterfall. In fact, there are many styles that are slim and tall and which are most ideally suited for the smaller spaces too.

Once you understand the space you have and how best to fill it with a waterfall, you can then move on to the materials that would work best. Do you want to have a logo or some sort of artwork appearing on the fountain or waterfall? Would you like some light fixtures to emphasize the surface of the material? What works best with the décor? There are stone, metal, fiberglass, acrylic, and other types of materials, and many can be combined in stylish and innovative ways to create unique results.

Finally, you have to consider the amount of sound you want coming from the waterfall. Do you want a very strong splashing and running? Would you prefer a very gentle dripping sound instead? This is something created entirely by the materials selected, and if you want to control the sound, you need to consider this when choosing the surface materials.