Selecting the Right Pond Fountain

Pond water fountains combine practical benefits with aesthetic beauty. These devices are designed to ensure that the pond itself remains clean and healthy for the fish and other animals that use the water. The choices for these types of fountains can be more complex than those for simpler fountain applications. In addition to the look and size of the fountain, the horsepower of the engine and the amount of water these fountains can circulate will be very important.

A pond fountain sometimes creates an elegant cascade of water that is suitable for ponds in fairly confined areas and sometimes creates very powerful torrents of water designed to make a very large water feature habitable and beautiful. Some aerating fountains create a fan shape, with the water becoming a large, inverted cone that rains back down onto the pond. These are excellent for more relaxed environs where the activity of a more powerful pump may be unpleasantly loud or distracting. For the very large features, however, the largest pumps are required.

These large pond water fountains create a spectacular effect, in addition to providing a necessary service. Many of them shoot a cascade of water high into the air. This is particularly impressive in locations such as large lawns and on the grounds of large businesses. Other fountains move every bit as much water, but shoot their plume a much shorter distance and are more appropriate for smaller spaces. The total volume of the pond will determine if one of these large fountains is required for proper water health. Some pond fountains come with several nozzle heads that are interchangeable to created different spray patterns.  Some units come standard with light kits that create a magnificent display once the sun goes down, if your aerating fountain does not come standard with a light kit see if you can order one to fit your unit.

Some pond water fountains come with the capacity for the user to change the water spray pattern. This can be particularly fun and useful for those who aren’t sure which design suits them best, but who need something truly powerful regardless. Remember that any pond water fountain needs to be installed correctly. The electric motors are very well-insulated and designed to be safe, but there must be a source of power and this must be provided in a sensible way. These water fountains can move an incredible amount of water and can easily provide enough aeration for a large pond or a small lake, in the case of the very largest models.

There are solar versions of these pumps available, as well. A pond fountain is an excellent choice for applications where the fountain may be removed from a handy power source. These fountains are, essentially, placed in the pond, turned on and left to do their work with little maintenance required.

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