Selecting the Right Lake Fountain

Lake fountains are the most powerful devices sold for water features. These devices are designed to move large quantities of water, to provide a long lifetime of service and to ensure the utmost in user safety. These devices use electricity in a water environment, which means that purchasing a device that is up to the task is key to both the efficiency and safety of the effort. If one has doubts about their ability to install these devices, it’s always best to consult with a professional. Those who have no power source available may choose from among the many solar-powered varieties available, which provide excellent service and have very low requirements where maintenance is concerned.

While most fountains are designed for aesthetics, many of these fountains fall in the category of lake aerators. Like the world above, the world below the surface of an artificial lake is a delicate ecosystem. There needs to be enough oxygen in the water to provide for the needs of fish and other creatures. Because artificial lakes usually have no natural inlet, this aeration needs to be provided by agitating the water, which is the practical purpose of these fountains. They ensure that the water is healthy enough for fish and too turbulent for insects, algae and other nuisances.

Lake fountains usually have adjustable jets. This means that one can choose to have a very high column of water shot from the fountain or that they can opt for a non-intrusive, low profile aeration style. Either way, these fountains mix water and air in a way that ensures that the water is healthy. These devices are usually situated in the middle of a lake. A tall spray of water emanating from the middle of the lake is certainly a dramatic feature. It will also be appreciated by some wildlife, especially birds, who love playing in these types of water features.

Lake aerators and fountains can make a stagnant body of water into a truly attractive feature. They are designed to work hard, but one should make certain that they get good information regarding the approximate water volume of their lake and how much water the pump should move every hour. For the largest lakes, it is sometimes preferable to purchase two fountains to ensure that the water is kept healthy. These devices are provided with extensive safety features and circuit breakers to ensure that the average person can install them on their own in a safe and sensible fashion.

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