Selecting an Outdoor Fountain for Your Region

Outdoor fountains are designed to be durable and to provide many years of service. However, anyone who enjoys the outdoors understands that underestimating the power of the elements is a genuinely bad idea. Depending upon one’s climate, there will be specific concerns and procedures that must be addressed to maintain one’s fountain properly. Keep in mind that very wet environments may require more attention given to maintaining the finish of metal fountains, and that algae may more readily grow on any fountain in such climates, necessitating a bit more maintenance. When these needs are attended to correctly, the fountain will last much longer.

For those who live in warm environments, the requirements for a fountain are incredibly simple. Particularly in regions where it is warm enough for water to remain liquid year-round, there is little about which to be concerned. Any type of fountain will generally prove suitable for these climates and, beyond the normal maintenance, there should be few tasks related to the environment. In very dry climates, remember that fountains will need to be refilled more often due to evaporation. Keep this in mind when selecting from among the various sizes available, as they can get quite large. In most cases, the fountain will not have to be refilled frequently, however.

Colder climates are where selecting a fountain based on one’s region really comes into play. Outdoor water fountains in these areas will need to be cared for in regards to their materials of construction and in regards to how and when water is added and removed. When winter comes around, one should always make sure their fountain is emptied. Water expands a great deal when it freezes, and this can cause serious problems for the fountain and for the pump. Be sure any fountain purchased for an area with harsh winters can be disassembled for storage during the coldest months of the year.

While stone and concrete fountains look equally beautiful in any climate, these outdoor fountain designs require some special care. Cold weather can crack these materials. They are excellent choices, provided they are given adequate care from the elements. Metal fountains may be a better choice for these areas. The lighter materials, such as resins and various plastics, also work well, as they are easy to disassemble and store. Metal fountains, such as the sphere fountains, are also very good choices in this regard, for much the same reason. A fountain, when chosen correctly, works with the environment.

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