Selecting a Wall Fountain for Your Office

If you consider the amount of noise that exists in most modern offices and workplaces it is easy to see how people can get distracted or confused. Rather than using piped in music that only adds to the existing din, more business owners should consider the use of indoor waterfalls instead. While the gentle sound of falling water is far from what is known as “white noise”, or the sort of sound that overrides all other background noises, it can serve in an equivalent capacity. Certainly any wall waterfalls should not be so loud as to make it difficult to hear the comings and goings of fellow workers, but they can help to balance out the sounds of the standard workday hustle and bustle.

Naturally, it is not just employees who can benefit from the installation and presence of indoor waterfalls, and many customers appreciate this sort of calming welcome in a lobby or reception area.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the huge variety of wall waterfalls and wall mounted fountains available. There are literally hundreds of styles and they can use such a diversity of materials as stone, metal, acrylic, and ceramic. They can feature paintings, etchings, lights, and natural elements like stones and plants. The water will fall in a shallow and widespread cascade that can tinkle gently into the basin below or which can pour down just as water moves in natural settings.

Clearly this means that almost any business owner should consider adding such a feature. Before just leaping into a purchase, however, it really pays to understand the underlying options as well as those choices connected strictly to design styles.

For example, let’s say that you own a business with a waiting room, and you have decided to install one of the popular slate indoor waterfalls. You may have opted for a copper frame and basin, and a collection of smooth river stones to rest at the bottom of the water flow. Do you understand how heavy this is going to be? Did you know that you could select a slate veneer instead of the solid slab? This is a simple example of the type of flexibility and variety available, but the buyer must take the time to explore all of their options.

Consider too that there are wall waterfalls made from acrylic that can have lovely and artistic etchings made to give them an extremely decorative look. The same materials can also have custom artwork mounted to the back and which is easily seen through the cascading water.

This all means that wall fountains in the work place can be used to relax all who enter, inspire with beautiful imagery and sound, and to serve as a focal point that has exceptional style.

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