Selecting a Tabletop Water Fountain for Your Office

It is late in the afternoon, your deadline is fast approaching, you have a ton of errands to run after the work day is over and you just cannot think straight! What’s the answer? Well, the simplest way to calm down and get some focus is through the use of a tabletop water fountain. While it may not seem that the gentle patter of the moving water could help someone to concentrate, the fact is that millions of people use tabletop fountains, for this exact reason, in their workplace every day.

It helps to first understand that these small fountains come in an impressive array of designs – they can be found in contemporary styles which are made from metal or acrylic, they come in more organic designs that incorporate stone or plants, and they also come in extremely stylized versions such as those inspired by Asian or Italian designs too. A tabletop water fountain can be found in a diminutive size that requires no more space than the average flower pot, or they can be focal points that serve as a suitable replacement for traditional art. This means that they provide the dual functions of design and relaxation.

All tabletop fountains, however, do come with a certain number of requirements that must not be ignored during the selection process. Apart from the amount of desk or office space required by any choice, the electrical requirements must be considered too. For example, someone who opts for a fountain that has a larger footprint and which will rest on some sort of side table is going to have to consider the way that the fountain will receive its electrical supply. While a handy wall plug may be located nearby, there are some risks associated with running a cord across the open floor. If an office sees heavy foot traffic during most business days, it is best to avoid choosing the larger tabletop fountains that might be harmed should someone trip over the electrical cord.

In addition to concerns about the power supply, the decision making process must also involve a realistic assessment of the amount of sound the water will make too. While someone who has an office of their own is completely free to fill it with the gentle sounds of water, those who work in cubicles or community areas may need to select from an assortment of tabletop water fountains that create less splashing and which move far less water.

Do these requirements indicate that options are going to be limited? Not at all! In fact, the tabletop varieties are among the most popular which means that anyone seeking a suitable choice for their workspace is going to have many from which to choose.

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