Selecting a Outdoor Fountain that Attracts Wildlife

The outdoor fountain carries with it several different types of significance for human beings. For wildlife, it’s free water and, oftentimes, quite a lot of fun that makes a fountain attractive. A fountain can attract some surprising visitors. For those who love birds, it’s a great way to make bird watching easier by giving them something they find irresistible.

An outdoor water fountain that is intended to attract wildlife should have several features. First, animals love running water. A spitter or a cascading fountain will likely become a favorite hangout for birds in short order. To observe the birds, or any other wildlife, be sure to place the fountain in an area where it can be observed without spooking the animals. After a time, birds can become quite accustomed to having a human around and will likely play in the fountain quite freely, even when there are humans sharing their environs. The water should be fresh, but not toxic.

There are several different types of cleaners that can be used to clean out the water in a fountain. Garden fountains are exposed to all the different elements of the environment and this means that unwanted plants will invade from time to time. Purchase a cleaner that gets rid of nuisances such as algae without threatening wildlife. Remember that pets, as well as wildlife, are likely to drink from the fountain now and again. Make sure that, when they do take a drink or a dip, that there is nothing that could present a hazard to their well-being in the water. Stick to products that are specifically made for fountain water to ensure safety.

Where pets are concerned, remember that an outdoor water fountain tends to make birds act a bit playful and, sometimes, that means that they may not pay as much attention as they should to any cats roaming about. Be sure that the fountain isn’t a trap. If the animals know they’re safe and that there are no predators around, they will likely add the garden fountain to their daily stops. Planting vegetation that provides shelter from the elements and cover in which to hide can also attract a lot of wildlife. One might also consider planting an extra water feature near their outdoor water fountain; For example, a basin-style bird bath situated near a cascading fountain will certainly garner one some avian fans. Larger animals, such as deer, may also find the fountain an attractive place to stop by for a drink.

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