Selecting a Logo Wall Fountain

Why would a business elect to have a “logo” wall fountain installed in their facility? Just think about that for one moment. If you walk into a lobby or waiting room, what do you usually see? A few chairs, some tables, a pile or two of magazines and not much else. Even a top of the line business may only add something like a television for distraction and a very “clean” or even Spartan sort of setting. This isn’t really the best atmosphere with which to greet clients of any kind.

If, on the other hand, you think about things like art, sound, movement, and texture thrown into the traditional “mix”, you know that you will automatically get a totally different result. This is the main reasoning behind the use of a logo wall fountain in a business location.

For instance, let us say that you are a dentist with a reasonably large practice. In your waiting area you have the standard chairs and tables, magazine racks, and a large window which looks out on a garden area. You want to provide clients with a bit of calm and relaxation in advance of their treatment. If you were to also add a wall fountain into that space, you would notice the difference in your patients right away. This is because the sound of water tends to be an instant way to relax the listener, and the visual appeal of the fountain might work some “magic” too.

Consider the warmth that you might introduce into the space by using a fountain with natural materials such as stone or even glass. You could have the logo etched into the surface of the wall fountain, or even have it applied to the back of a glass or Lexan panel. This would allow the logo to be clearly seen, but wouldn’t necessarily make it the dominating feature of the water fountain.

You wouldn’t have to limit your choices to just a panel and the logo, however, because some of the best custom fountains are available with lighting features, multiple panels, custom accents such as river stones and unique bases, and much more. All that would be required would be to measure the space you have available and to determine the right materials for your pre-existing décor or design.

Businesses can easily use a wall fountain with a logo as a way of welcoming customers and visitors, as well as a means of introducing an element of peace and tranquility within their actual business space too.