Selecting a Fountain for Your Spa Business

The gentle tinkling of falling water is one of the most pleasing and soothing sounds imaginable, and this is made even more enjoyable when the source of the sound is a fountain. There is something simultaneously charming and magical about fountains of all kinds, and they can inspire a wide array of reactions. The fact that the most common reaction is delight is a good reason to consider adding a fountain to your spa business location.

Spa fountains can be almost any type available, and there can be numerous installations in a single facility. For instance, there are wall-mounted fountains, free standing floor fountains, bird bath and garden fountains, and even diminutive little tabletop models too. This means that any treatment room or public space could serve as the ideal location for health spa fountains.

How would you know which ones to choose? Well, there are all kinds of fountains (as just mentioned above) and most come in a wide array of styles and materials. The first step in the selection process would be to identify the material most suitable to your needs. For example, if your facility were designed in the same style as an Italian Villa you could install spa fountains of lightweight resin that were sculpted to look like authentic pieces. These could have the classic spouting lion’s heads and carved cherubs, or they could be architectural in appearance too.

Of course, health spa fountains can be incorporated to do more than just work in with the décor of a space. They could actually serve as the focal point or a major feature of any area. For example, a large wall-mounted fountain with the spa logo could be displayed in the main entrance of the facility as a charming way to greet guests. Alternately, a lovely resin floor-mounted fountain could be positioned in a comfortable and sunny area or even an outdoor garden space too. This might make an ideal location for which visitors could head for a meal or even a simple place for relaxation.

It is important to remember that any spa fountains will require a regular course of maintenance in order to ensure that they remain entirely free of bacteria or buildup that could cause problems. Fortunately most fountain pumps are relatively easy to clean and keep free of damaging debris, and when health spa fountains are kept indoors they can be filled with distilled water to keep most problems with mineral buildup from occurring.

When choosing a fountain for a business location it is also important to take some time to ensure that it is located in the safest place possible. Because fountain pumps require a source of electricity their cords will need to be out of the way of regular foot traffic in order to prevent injury or damages.

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