Selecting a Fountain for Your Dental Office

You have to feel a bit sorry for dentists; people don’t like to make visits to their offices and they are usually associated with pain and discomfort. Often it is overlooked that they are the relievers of intense discomfort and pain, and most people enter a dental office with a bit of apprehension or nervousness. Fortunately, there are some good solutions or cures to bouts of distress, including the use of a fountain in the waiting room or even in the treatment areas.

What makes a good dental office fountain? Well, there are some commercial-oriented fixtures that could have the practice’s logo etched or engraved into the surface, and there are more small-scale fixtures that could be mounted to the wall, positioned on the floor, or placed on a tabletop too. The choice in a dentist office fountain will have to be dictated by the amount of room available and by the desired effects of the dentist or dentists.

Consider that a dental office fountain in the waiting area could easily soothe and relax the patient who is extremely nervous or tense about their pending treatment. Alternately, an office without a lot of available space might also position a small tabletop fountain at the reception desk or in a corner of the room instead. This would still produce the gentle splashing of the water, and a patient could position themselves next to the fixture in order to watch the movement of the water too.

A dentist office fountain might also be placed into a treatment room in place of piped in “musak”. Although a patient might chuckle over the corny music, they will gain more measurable relief from the effects of the waterfall or fountain nearby. There are many dental offices now hanging unique artwork or sculptural fixtures from the ceiling as a way of distracting a patient from the proceedings, and a small dental office fountain could also provide a wonderful way to focus the attention away from the treatment too.

Before making a selection, however, the dentist or dentists will have to undertake a serious assessment of their décor and their overall space. It is unwise to install larger fixtures in waiting areas that are extremely small or frequently overcrowded, and of course the stability of a fixture must come into consideration too. For example, a lovely floor fountain on a wrought iron base might prove too much of a temptation to children who want to climb it or reach into the basin.

Even with restrictions due to a small availability of space, a dentist office fountain is a wonderful approach to welcoming and soothing patients before and during their visit.

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