Selecting a Floor Fountain for Your Office

The soothing sound of a water fountain is hard to beat. Billions of people love to hear the sound of water as it tinkles and splashes into a basin or other sort of fountain base, and now the same relaxing and pleasing effects are available for most offices too. There are a huge number of floor water fountains that require nothing more than a suitable electrical outlet and a supply of fresh water to get into action.

How does someone select the right floor fountain for their office space or business? It all begins with a design plan. Certainly someone could head to a supplier of floor fountains to see what was available, and they might even purchase the one that they like, but would it necessarily fit in with the office design scheme? This indicates that the very first step in the selection process is to assess the available space and the existing d├ęcor. Unless someone is upgrading or updating an entire office, the existing furnishings, artwork, and structure will have to serve as a significant base for the decision making process.

In addition to considering the space, the buyer is going to have to look into the electrical supplies in the area too. For example, a floor fountain positioned in the middle of a lobby or reception area is going to have to have its electrical cord plugged into an outlet nearby. Traditionally, many owners will hire a qualified electrician to install a suitable floor outlet directly below the location where the fountain will be placed. This keeps the cord attractively concealed while also preventing the chance that someone could trip over the cord as well.

Once the design scheme, available space, and electrical supplies have been determined, the buyer should then consider the materials that would work well in the space. There are options for slate, resin, ceramic, cast stone, and metal floor water fountains. These can be found in classical styles, contemporary designs, and extremely stylistic varieties too.

It is unlikely that anyone on a search for an appropriate fountain is going to be limited to only a few choices. Consider that someone hoping to have a sculptural or artistic floor fountain in their office lobby will be able to choose from such options as a tall slab of slate with a copper base, a sculptural figure over which the water pours down, and even a high-tech fixture that has neon tubes of light over which the water glides.

Deciding to incorporate floor water fountains into the office is a wonderful way to add an extremely unique focal point, but also one that soothes everyone who passes by.

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