Save with Solar Powered Fountains

Many people would love a large, beautiful fountain in their yard or garden. However, for some the perceived additional electric costs of having one prevent them from ever enjoying a fountain. That concern can be solved with solar powered fountains. No more cords, electric costs, or concerns related to either. These fountains make using a fountain anywhere in your yard or garden simple.

Solar powered fountains do not have obvious solar panels, so they are as aesthetically beautiful as any other fountain. Instead a solar panel is attached to the fountain with a cord making it simple to place the panel in the sunlight during most any time of day and no matter where the fountain is placed. While the panel must be exposed to direct sunlight, it does not have to be obvious or an eye sore.

Advantages of Solar Power

1. Solar power is a renewable resource so we are not ever depleting it. While the sun is not available 24 hours a day, it always returns each day.

2. Solar power is a perfect green energy source and does not pollute the environment or damage it during harvesting of the energy source.

3. After the initial cost for the solar powered fountain, the energy required to run it is free.

4. Solar panels do not require much maintenance as long as it is handled properly. If you run over it with the lawn mower it will probably need some work, but more than likely replacing.

5. Solar panels are very durable and handled properly can last a lifetime.

6. If you choose to place your fountain at a fair distance from your house, solar powered fountains prevent you from having to run long extension cords or have wiring run out to the location, saving you money and time. In addition, long extension cords can prove to be very dangerous in a yard, no matter how well you try to hide them.

Solar powered fountains give you the most diverse options for placing your fountain in your yard or garden, or in the center of a deck or patio. You can literally place it anywhere that the solar panel is exposed to the sun. Your creativity can control the landscape of your yard, instead of cords and wires.

You can save money and time, and save the planet with solar powered fountains. Whether you want to “go green” or not, they are an excellent option for anyone wanting an outdoor fountain.